Near the End | Stage 1 – 9


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You sweat like crazy as you run hurriedly towards the gate. It’s near and you can see it already. Arriving at the front of the gate, you read a note,

“Don’t rush your blog posts. Quality over quantity is the key. Remember that whatever you input in cyberspace will remain there even if you delete it.”

After reading the note, you open the gate and finally, stepped into the grounds of Career City!

Congratulations for making it to Career City!


Fiend Friend | Stage 1 – 8


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You are about to move to the next block when something furry swipes your leg.

“A cat?? What’s a cat doing in this corner?”

You look around to see if someone’s looking for it but as it is the abandoned corner of the town, no one’s around. You decide to just ignore the cat and move on but it keeps following you. Annoyed, you decide to call it “Nil”. The cat looks like he loves his new name and keeps on following you. Suddenly, you notice a recurrent sound. You look at the cat and realize that,

“WTF?! What is that on you??”

The cat has some sort of device that uploads whatever you do at the moment you do it! The name on the device read as “Twitter”.

“He’s staring at me.”, says the recent Tweet.

“He’s now walking towards the gate. And oh, he stopped.”, says the next Tweet.

Irritated and angry, you curse inside your head,

“Damn it! I don’t want my every movement to be known by all! Stop Tweeting me!”

And with that, you run as fast as you can towards the back gate of OrCom City.

Killing Social Media | Stage 1 – 7


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As you move on to the next block, you still hear people talking behind. They just couldn’t get enough of that barefooted girl earlier. You try to concentrate and recall what the escort citizens advised you, to read the messages carefully. Upon remembering their advice, you continue walking but this time, you know you’re alert and on the look out for messages.

You start by reading sign boards and store names. The Buzz Town has this corner which seems too deviant from the other blocks. You see no people at that corner and start feeling uneasy. Then you remind yourself, READ THE MESSAGE. All of a sudden, you realize that you have a huge problem. There are no messages in this part of the town.

You continue walking hoping to finally get out of the Buzz Town safely. But before you get out, you notice that there are actually messages in that corner of the Buzz Town.

“But these messages are here…only unshared?”

People in this corner, you believe, are too private that they keep their opinions and their thoughts to themselves. They DON’T SHARE IT. You pick up an old newspaper and read that this corner has been labeled the “Killers of Social Media”. As you notice, their connection to the rest of the Buzz Town has been removed because they refuse to continue the chain of buzz around town.

Depression Omission | Stage 1 – 6


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You arrive at the next town with the help of the citizens of OrCom City. They look at you with confidence and tell you that this will be the last destination that they could escort you.

“But why? I have fun being with you guys and discovering OrCom City’s wonders! Do you really need to go now?”, you ask hoping to change the citizens’ decision.

“We’re really sorry but we have to go back to the Research Town to formulate a communication plan for the upcoming PR Finals. The Public Relations Division is known for its unending support in the OrCom City’s innovations.”, the leader of the citizens answered.

“Don’t worry. It’s easy to cross the last town before you arrive at the back gate of OrCom City. People there are a bit shy and geekish. They prefer to write than to talk so read their messages carefully. We know you can do it!”, one of the elder citizens said.

“Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it. Soon, when I finish my role as Social Media Manager in the Career City, I’ll come back here and visit you!”

After waving and smiling, you continued your journey and reached the Buzz Town. This is the last town you need to pass by to reach Career City. You reach half of the city and only a few people are outside. Too curious, you stopped and observed the environment.

Suddenly, a pretty girl wearing a corporate blouse and skirt comes out of a tall building near you and walks barefoot ’til the waiting shed. People start getting out of their houses and looking at that barefooted pretty girl. Meanwhile, you approach the pretty girl and ask her,

“Why are you barefoot? Do you want to borrow my shoes?”

“Do I look pitiful to you? Thanks but I don’t need it. I am pushing for real beauty. Women don’t need to wear such hurtful stilettos to look and feel beautiful! All you have to do is take care of your health and your real beauty will outshine whatever material you have.”

The pretty girl finally takes the bus and leaves you alone at the waiting shed. Now that people are out, they start gathering together, talking about that pretty girl earlier. They murmur opinions, disagreements, conclusions, etc. Some lady even makes a banner saying, “I am pretty without my Prada!”

You are shocked with how just one girl triggered “the buzz” among the townspeople.

This is how Emanuel Rosen illustrates the creation of “the buzz” in his book “The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited”.

The OrCom Blue Box | Stage 1 – 5


“What is it in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and other social media platforms that makes us want it, use it, conquer it?” The voice of the conductor resounded throughout the conference hall.

“It’s free!”, a member of the audience shouted.

“It’s like a mobile phone which allows you to keep in touch with your friends!”, a teenager suggested.

“I can brag about myself and my life with a looooot of people!”, a drunk-looking guy blurted out.

“Okay.”, said the conductor. “All of your answers are correct and true at some point. But one of the underlying reasons why people like us fell under social media’s spell is that

social media breaks the notion of the past, present, and future. Its products stay with us longer, for the next generations to cherish. Social media opens the door to the past and connects it with the present. It brings back memories and involves other people who can relate to your experiences. One word – nostalgia.”

The conductor steps aside as a video starts playing on the blue OrCom box, the widescreen.

“We hit the LIKE button because we either agree with the post’s idea or we can relate to that post. We SHARE because we want others to feel that they’re not alone in experiencing situations in life. We, as ourselves, are empowered.”

The conductor’s mini-talk brings a lot of the crowd to tears, including you. He approaches you and shakes your hand. “Test the waters, young lad. Before the waters test you.”

Intellectual Property Above Popularity | Stage 1 – 4


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The citizens of the OrCom City applaud as the Digital Orchestra finished playing their last piece. The conductor of the orchestra approaches you and asks,

“Are you new here? You don’t look familiar.”

“Yes, I’m actually exploring this city in order to reach the next city which is the Career City.”

“Are you in a hurry? You might want to attend my mini-talk regarding our social media platform.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard much about it from some guy earlier. I was hesitant to accept the idea of having an open space where you can just share anything you want. But now that I’ve seen your performance, I might consider immersing my self in such stuff.”

“These aren’t just “stuff”, my lad. These social media platforms are functional tools that enable us to express ourselves freely. It’s important to know..” (Another guy suddenly shows up and cuts short the conductor’s speech.)

Guy: Hey, Mr. conductor, I believe what you’re saying is out of this world. You’re just sugar-coating the real intentions of the adoption of these social media platforms!

Conductor: I don’t know what you’re saying, really. Our organization does everything legally and ethically. So can you state your point directly?

Guy: It’s simple. You’re using these social media platforms for leeching people’s ideas without getting any sanction or punishment at all! You invite innocent people to contribute to your Facebook page, to input recent news and images from their area. You’re getting all these valuable information for free while these innocent victims get nothing in return. Yes, you may argue that their names can be seen on the image itself when it gets broadcasted or aired on national television. But the information they give you costs much more than that! You’re a parasite in disguise! You leecher! People should start suing you! You should be in jail right now!

Conductor: *Sigh* Uhm. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, boy. But I think you’re looking for Mr. Cone Duck-tur. He’s the one who works for that organization. I’m Mr. Conductor, I work in the Digital Orchestra. I’m not the one you’re hunting, I think.

Guy: Conductor? Cone Duck-tur?? Ah, whatever!

The guy starts moving backwards and eventually runs away.

The conductor looked at you and smiled.

“Let’s proceed to our talk, shall we?”

“I’m more than ready!”

The Social Media Town | Stage 1 – 3


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Hurrah! You got your camera back! *crowd cheering*

Now, you continue finding your way through the OrCom City. Citizens lead you to the Public Relations Division and tell you that there’s an ongoing buzz in the Social Media Town. The Digital Orchestra is having their performance today!

The Digital Orchestra's Performance in Social Media Town

Upon reaching the Social Media Town, you become curious and scrutinize the performance. You notice that each performer is using a platform unfamiliar to you. Your raise your eyebrow trying to recall if you have seen such platforms before. One of the citizens who accompanied you caught your expression and smiled.

“Nice, huh? It’s our trending social platforms today. The OrCom City adopted these social platforms two or three years ago. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are just some of these social platforms. How we use it depend on our aim.”

“Aim? Like what?”

“For example, companies use Facebook and Twitter to promote their brands and establish connection with their customers. Although it’s a nice thought to build connections with your clients, some companies overdo the “organizational” aspect of it. Will you be happy if you subscribe to a company that blasts you product information every day? Geez. Moreover, Twitter being conversational only heats up arguments. These platforms were created for socialization, with the idea that each person has his/her own perspective. It’s okay to use these social platforms however you want to, so long as you NEVER FORGET RESPECT FOR OTHERS.”

“I don’t like it. It’s confusing!”

“Oh well, I just briefed you on something new. If you feel uncomfortable with these social platforms, you can listen and observe them first. Beginners like you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of using these social media platforms. How? Simple. Immerse in it.”

“But I said I don’t want it! I. DONT. WANT. IT!!!”

“It’s your call. Just remember that if you are planning to enter into a company as a social media manager, you must be knowledgeable of these social platforms already. Take note that these are social media platforms so socialize. Make your clients feel important. Share with them your experiences. Involve them in your events. Give something that they can relate to.”

*sigh* “I guess I might consider it now that you mentioned my future plan. Hey, wait a minute! How did you know that I wanted to be a social media manager??”

When you turned around, the guy you were talking with has gone.

“Weird.”, you uttered with your eyes as big as the orchestra’s trumpet.